PWF Series Couplings

Lamiflex Couplings PWF Series Couplings

PWFS couplings are designed to meet the demand for flexible disc couplings configuration with more economic advantages of a reduced number of parts, free of grease, consisting of a way to reduce maintenance costs and long service life.

It consists of three main parts:

Two cubes and a central spacer mounted with 2 Flexible Units can be installed or removed, simplifying maintenance. The units flexible discs and fixing screws ensure a good balancing inherent AGMA Class 8 factory default.

The tolerance of screws and plugs overload ensure superior performance and trouble free operation. The high tolerance to misalignment makes installation simple and less critical alignment.

For specifications that require higher speeds or for applications where it is required the full specification of API 610 contact us about other models of our product line.

    • Low Cost - simple construction and efficient use of materials provide competitive prices compared to other coupling types. 
    • High misalignment absorption capacity - amplified limits of axial and lateral misalignment simplify the installation and alignment. 
    • Easy to Assemble - without special tools, installation does not require complex assembly requirements. 
    • Easy Maintenance - without wearing parts, no lubrication, no plastic parts or rubber rings without o-ring. 
    • Materials Noble - Discs made of 300 series stainless steel and other high strength steel components with carbon protection anti-corrosive phosphating.
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