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NLS® Centrifugal Clutches

NLS Centrifugal Clutch

The NLS centrifugal clutch is a rugged time-proven unit which provides equipment protection and system overload protection. This is done by allowing the motor or other driving source to accelerate to operating speed without load and to slip automatically when overloaded. This clutch is available in a free (type A) and delayed engagement (type AD) model, also in various sizes to handle different horsepower capacities.

TYPE A - Free Engagement

The shoes are a free floating part of the driving unit to which the power is applied. As the driver picks up speed, the shoes are forced outward by centrifugal force to make contact with the inside surface of the driven half. The shoes will make smooth contact and slip until the load reaches full speed. Both members then rotate as a unit with no slippage or power loss. Larger units have both inner and outer shoes.

TYPE AD - Delayed Engagement (Spring Controlled)

Operating under the same principle as the type A unit, the type AD uses springs to hold the shoes out of engagement until the driver reaches a predetermined rpm. At this point centrifugal force, acting on the shoes, overcomes the spring force, allowing smooth engagement of the power source with the load. Because the shoes are out of engagement until the driver is above the predetermined speed, this unit is ideal for dual or stand-by drives as well as idling or warming-up engines.

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    • Available in Free Engagement and Delayed Engagement (Spring Controlled)
    • Designed for use with QD Bushing
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